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Lisa requested my help with her hair and make-up for a masked ball in aid of two charities – The Forget Me Not Trust and the Anchor Trust.  We didn’t have time to arrange a trial but Lisa kindly agreed to having her photograph taken showing the process from start to finish, thank you Lisa.

When Paul and I arrived at Lisa’s house in Longwood just outside of Huddersfield, we were greeted at the door with Lisa in her funky monkey pj’s and sporting clean wet hair and a huge grin and off to the kitchen we went.  As I take so much equipment with me I virtually take over a room and poor Paul often has to lodge himself into an uncomfortable corner to take the pictures I want, but he always comes up trumps.  In Lisa’s kitchen he worked with the downlights only as his flash guns were being serviced but we really love the warm tones this gave Lisa’s tanned skin and auburn tresses.

Ready to go

Ready to go

When we spoke initially, Lisa told me her hair was unruly, thick and shoulder length and she had no specific idea in mind for the style she wanted just ‘up and posh’! Always up for a challenge I was delighted to work on Lisa’s thick, auburn wavy hair that absolutely did everything I wanted it to.  I started by applying a smoothing serum and blow dryed it with a large, round ceramic brush giving it volume and incredible shine – yum.

Blow drying

Blow drying

Click continue to reveal the entire process and finished look.



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Sometimes it isn’t until you see the photographs that you can truly appreciate how beautiful someone is; sometimes you just know instantly.

Bina is an ‘instantly’

I had the great pleasure of working with Bina on her wedding day earlier this month. Even the wakeup call at 6am did not dampen the heart – this was a wedding session we stylists and make-up artists long for.

Along for the ride, actually to hand me hairspray, grips, curling tongs etc., was my husband Paul. In between being sprayed by the air freshener and my hairspray, he managed to capture some beautiful moments like the one you see here.

Bina, I hope your day went well and Paul and I wish you all the happiness and success for your marriage and if you want us to come to India with you to cover your wedding, we will be there any time – hint, hint!!

Love to you

Nikki G

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The Chapel on the estate at Rudding Park

This last weekend saw me attending to Natalie on her wedding day. The ceremony and preparations were held at Rudding Park just outside of Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

Rudding Park is a beautiful venue and the weather held off to make, what I’m sure, was going to be a fabulous day.

If you attended the day and would like to see some unofficial pictures of Natalie during the preparation then click the tab at the top of this page or click the picture of the inside of the chapel. Once you reach the next page you will be required to input a password – this you can get from Natalie when they return from their honeymoon.

I love my job made even more special by helping great people like Natalie.

UPDATE – the link from the picture above has now been removed to make space for other brides.  If you want any of the images that were present in the Nat & Paul gallery please simply contact me and we can discuss which images you would like to order.

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