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Sometimes it isn’t until you see the photographs that you can truly appreciate how beautiful someone is; sometimes you just know instantly.

Bina is an ‘instantly’

I had the great pleasure of working with Bina on her wedding day earlier this month. Even the wakeup call at 6am did not dampen the heart – this was a wedding session we stylists and make-up artists long for.

Along for the ride, actually to hand me hairspray, grips, curling tongs etc., was my husband Paul. In between being sprayed by the air freshener and my hairspray, he managed to capture some beautiful moments like the one you see here.

Bina, I hope your day went well and Paul and I wish you all the happiness and success for your marriage and if you want us to come to India with you to cover your wedding, we will be there any time – hint, hint!!

Love to you

Nikki G

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Day one…

This is the time to be patient – patient while I get my galleries cataloged and posted so rather than see nothing on the first page, I’ve posted a shiny new message for you to read.

Of note though – at the top of the page there are some tabs, clicking on them will reveal information inside in all but one, Galleries. That will hopefully change by the end of this week.

Check back and get in contact if you have questions.


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