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Leigh and John

I had THE most wonderful wedding at the weekend – thank you Leigh, what a lot of fun we had.

The wedding took place in Marsden at the Hey Green Hotel and even though we arrived very early the team from the hotel helped me and my team set up and be ready for the arrival of Leigh and the bridesmaids, Michelle and Gemma.

When Leigh et al did arrive the atmosphere was simply divine right up until we left; exactly how a wedding should be – calm and relaxed.

For Leigh and her guests click the image below to be taken to a small gallery of images showing some of the build up to when you first saw her in her wedding gown. The gallery is password controlled so speak to Leigh to find out what it is and should you want to purchase any of the images simply call me on

[t] 07759 687549

To Leigh and John we wish you health, wealth and happiness for your future.

From May 27th the gallery will be removed but the images that you will have seen are still available to be bought, all you have to do is call me and arrange which images you would like.


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OK, so I adore my job which is just as well.  Since I covered the wedding for Nat and Paul in April I’ve had a string of calls from brides desperate to find a last minute stand in mobile hairdresser.  Must be the time of year/something in the water/got out of bed etc., etc.  An unbelievable amount have been tragically let down at the 11th hour and then a mad panic to find anyone to come and do hair/makeup.

Please, if you’re a supplier to a bridal couple don’t let them down – ever.  It’s bad manners, poor practice and on a purely emotional level, just not right.  If your business hasn’t got a robust contingency plan then get one.  We’re in business to help couples ensure that their day goes without a hitch, so to speak; the last thing they want to hear is a ‘Sorry, but…’

To anyone reading this site – we’ve NEVER let anyone down and we don’t intend starting now.  We may not be available to cover your day but if we have agreed a date and what it is we’re going to do for you then we’ll be there.

When I get more time I will write up my experiences from some of these weddings most of which we didn’t cover the photography so no images.
See you soon and thanks for checking in.


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The Chapel on the estate at Rudding Park

This last weekend saw me attending to Natalie on her wedding day. The ceremony and preparations were held at Rudding Park just outside of Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

Rudding Park is a beautiful venue and the weather held off to make, what I’m sure, was going to be a fabulous day.

If you attended the day and would like to see some unofficial pictures of Natalie during the preparation then click the tab at the top of this page or click the picture of the inside of the chapel. Once you reach the next page you will be required to input a password – this you can get from Natalie when they return from their honeymoon.

I love my job made even more special by helping great people like Natalie.

UPDATE – the link from the picture above has now been removed to make space for other brides.  If you want any of the images that were present in the Nat & Paul gallery please simply contact me and we can discuss which images you would like to order.

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*The gallery has now been removed.  Should you wish to order any prints then please call me on 07759 687 549 or email me @ nikki


It appears that some are struggling to get through to the gallery for Aly & Jolly so here’s what to do but be quick, I’ll be taking the gallery down on April 6th, 2008.

At the top of the page there’s a tab with Aly & Jolly typed inside.  Click that tab and you’ll be presented with a password box.  The password is easy – type the name of the hotel where Aly was married but it must be lower case and use only one word.  For example, if the hotel had been called The Nikki Hotel, you would enter nikki in the password box.

If you can’t recall the name of the hotel then phone a friend, ask the audience or simply give Aly or Jolly a call and get the answer from them.



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It has been one of those weeks that are exciting and utterly tiring. I’ve mostly been flying solo this week without Paul who has been busy taking images for his corporate clients whilst I have been busy with three weddings and two trials. I love my job, truly, but right now I need a bath to ease my feet.

Tomorrow is our only wedding this weekend and this one sees all the team working on this one. And in a weeks time we have the most delicious wedding to cover in Bury – a Muslim wedding and I really can’t wait. The atmosphere, the excitement whilst at the same time the mosque will have a beautifully tranquil feel calming the nerves of everyone. These are wondrous settings and the team and I are really looking forward to it.

For those undecided if you want to book us I’ simply say this – a quick email or phone call costs little more than some of your time so go on, pick up the phone or let your fingers do the typing. Our diary is filling rapidly and I really wouldn’t want to disappoint you.

Bye for now,


[t] 07759 687549
[e] nikki@bof.uk.com

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(c)NikkiG 2008

Not alive – it goes without saying that if I were anything other than live this blog would have a hard time being updated.

Anyway, enough of this nonsense.

Just a quick post to announce that I have now got my gallery up, running and looking so sexy so go check it our here

By the end of this weekend I will have the ‘Prices’ page up and able to be viewed so just wait a little longer but I promise, the wait will be worth it.

Thanks for reading and remember, if you need a consultation or simply to check my availability for your wedding day simply get in touch by email or telephone…

[e] nikki@bof.uk.com

[t] 07759 687 549

Wherever your location if I’m free on that date, then I’ll be there for you – any time – any place.

Bye for now,


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Day one…

This is the time to be patient – patient while I get my galleries cataloged and posted so rather than see nothing on the first page, I’ve posted a shiny new message for you to read.

Of note though – at the top of the page there are some tabs, clicking on them will reveal information inside in all but one, Galleries. That will hopefully change by the end of this week.

Check back and get in contact if you have questions.


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